G-IMMUNOMICS – Partnering project of the Graphene Flagship


G-IMMUNOMICS belongs to the 13 partnering projects funded by the first competitive Joint Translational Call (JTC) FLAG-ERA in the framework of the Graphene Flagship, the first of the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagships.

Developed with the specific mission to address the big scientific and technological challenges of the age through long-term, multidisciplinary research and developmental efforts on Graphene materials, the Graphene Flagship has set as one of the main pillar the identification and resolution of any possible safety and toxicity issues of graphene-based materials. The research on nanosafety of Graphenes is crucial not only for their integration into ICT, composites, etc., but also in view of their possible biomedical applications, such as direct nano-interfacing devices with cells and tissues.

As partnering project, G-IMMUNOMICS will contribute to the roadmap set by the “Division Two – Health, Medicine and Sensors” of the Flagship, addressing the potential risks to the health of animals, humans and the environment associated with usage of Graphene-based materials.
In particular G-IMMUNOMICS will synergize with the efforts of the core project, by:

  1. extending the range of immune cell types investigated with a wide variety of populations and species;
  2. implementing the large scale OMICS research approaches assays (genomics and proteomics);
  3. taking part in the assessment of the environmental impact of the new materials by analysing the genotoxic effect on different organisms.


The total G-Immunomics budget is  976.642 €.